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Within Chapter 47 of Kaleidoscope, Thomas Toch discusses charter schools and how they can be helpful and harmful for people, stating that “charter schools have brought many talented people to the cause of school improvement” as well as “bad actors more interested in enriching themselves than students” (Toch 2010/2013 p. 349). Three key concepts are mentioned by Toch, the first being charter schools, which are schools that don’t receive as much local funding like public schools; rather, they are private institutions that receive money from independent sources and federal funding. Because they don’t rely on government funding, these programs can create their own curriculum to follow (unlike public schools) and they can choose what forms of testing…show more content…
The first question is “What is a charter school?” (Frequently 2015). The NCSRC defines charter schools as “public elementary and secondary schools that are newly created or adapted from existing schools by developers to pursue educational objectives and are exempt from significant state or local rules that inhibit flexible management” (Frequently 2015). These schools are voluntarily chosen by parents and “usually have more flexibility to innovate in curriculum, instruction models, and the school calendar” (Frequently 2015). Charter schools, however, must still have equal rights for all students and can’t force students to pay tuition. Charter schools are sometimes assisted by charter management organizations (CMOs) in order to develop better programs and teaching for the schools. The first charter schools that were developed, as stated on the NCSRC website, were in Philadelphia in the late 1980s. The idea of charter schools were cultured in Minnesota in 1991 with the passing of a charter school…show more content…
This new school struggles to plant its roots following Hurricane Katrina. The school, named Homer Plessey, had two principals in its first two years, it lacked funding, and it needed more students. It was, however, more art-focused and strived for equality and success. This school, which is located within a 75 year old building, has 70 percent of students on free or reduced lunches. Spread throughout the school is graffiti that both expresses the arts and hides stains that were once covering the walls of the building. The promotion of the arts has fostered innovation and freedom, and the school has attempted to move away from the dictatorial system that has become the norm in many of the other charter school systems within New Orleans. It is, however, unknown whether the free, artistic style of education in Homer Plessey is better or worse for education, as there have been no standardized tests to justify the education system yet. Nonetheless, the promotion of art has helped children feel more at ease compared to students at many of the other charter schools in New Orleans, where strict guidelines are followed

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