Brandy Skimmel Thesis

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In a country of vast diversity, social issues expand like none other. With Opportunity, devastation is almost always greater than the success. This so-called opportunity is provided during the fundamental educational years of a student, more specifically: high school. Developed skills create the future for many individuals, while the skills of others are lost to tragedy. This all takes place during the least significant, yet the most momentous, time in one’s life. Brandy Skimmel, also known as Screamer, is a girl that every other girl envies, whether they like her or not. Cameron, the girl who is soft-hearted, beautiful on the inside, yet concise and well-mannered, is the exact antithesis of Screamer. The clash between their statuses is monstrous, as it explodes during the trial with their lover, Neely Crenshaw, who happens to be the stud quarterback on the high school football team. Their status is created by many factors: how they act, what they wear, and what activities they are involved in. Although, the creation of the personality can be ascribed to another major influence: money. Cameron knows that there is life outside of high-school, and…show more content…
But to all the other girls, she was “a miserable self-absorbed idiot who’s only claim to fame was that she was Neely Crenshaw's girlfriend” (Grisham 66). Neely and Cameron go out, and they maintain a solid and devoted relationship, but Screamer’s lust raids the tie of Neely and Cameron’s love, and as a result, Screamer takes advantage of Neely’s sixteen-year-old mind. But Neely also lusts after Screamer, and his actions destroy the relationship between him and Cameron. Cameron, the modest and quiet girl, is shoved to the side as she is humiliated in front of the whole school. Worse comes to worse, and Neely eventually has to provide an abortion for the long-legged Screamer. The events leave life shattering scars for Neely, and he soon finds the road of

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