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Sci-fi is a movie genre that opens up the realm of imaginative concepts dealing with at times futuristic parallel universes, and extraterrestrial life. Most would agree the movie The Maze Runner is nothing short of this, while others may not agree. The Maze Runner starts out with the shutters of an elevator enclosing Thomas, the main character, flying toward the grounds of an unknown land. Thomas has forgotten everything about his previous life, including his name. Thomas is thrown into a life of unknown. The people that have came before him make clear to him the rules of survival, and the horrid fate that they are trapped there forever. Special effects, good story line, proper character development, and an intriguing beginning, middle, and…show more content…
In the beginning a boy named Thomas is first discovering that he, along with numerous other boys, have been captured and sent to live in the Glade. The Glade is a meadow of sorts that is enclosed by tall concrete walls that Thomas soon learns is the maze. According to a survey, 7/10 people said this movie had an intriguing introduction. The other 3 said that although the introduction was good, it was slow moving.(See Figure 1). Overall, the poll shows The Maze runner has an intriguing introduction that will leave viewers wanting more. Character Development Character development is a crucial factor in deciding whether a movie is good or not. In The Maze Runner, the main character Thomas goes through a period of time where he does not know who, where, or why he is in the Glade. The struggles of everyday tasks soon become second nature to Thomas. As viewers, the changes with Thomas’s attitude, leadership within the Glade, and his newly appointed role as a maze runner become evident. The Maze has changed Thomas, and the other “civilians” within the maze. The Maze Runner has excellent character development that draws the attention of viewers in a positive way. Special

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