Texas High School Football

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In Texas high school football to keep the players safe, before each game much planning goes on, and during the game there are many rules to keep the game fair. First things first are the basics of high school football. One of the most important parts of football is knowing how the players score. The players can score in a multitude of ways. There are five different ways to score in high school football. Field goals, extra points, safeties, and touchdowns, a touchdown is where you take the ball to your team's end of the field. Touchdowns will give you 6 points each. Field goals are the next major way to score. A field goal is simply one player kicks the ball through two posts this will give you 3 points each. Then the extra point which can give…show more content…
There are many players on the team there are both defensive and offensive players. The offensive team consists of a quarterback, running back, center, fullback, wide receiver, tight end, left and right guard, left and right tackle, and the kicker. The players for the defensive team are defensive tackle, defensive end, linebacker, safety, and cornerback. Each of these players ends up playing an important role, but the quarterback tends to play not just one but two roles. Quarterbacks are given the role of Captain which means they tell the team what is going on and gets them excited about the game. The game is typically played by either passing, kicking, and running the ball. When it comes to passing the ball the quarterback will throw the ball to one of the players and the will take it to the end zone. Running the ball in is where the quarterback gives it to the running back and he simply will run the ball. Lastly, kicking the ball is where the kicker will kick the ball for anything from a field goal, extra point, and a…show more content…
Now in Texas it can get twice as hot as it does other places, which in turn takes a major toll on Texas players. First thing the players do to start the year off is do 2 a days. These start in the middle of august where they go to practice twice a day for two to three weeks. They train really hard to get their bodies ready for the season. During two a days and regular season training, they do a lot of running to make sure that they can run the length of the field without any health issues before the game. Now with all this you also need to eat right. It is necessary that these players get the proper amount of nutrients for their bodies. They will need foods without lots of fats and proteins to help them get plenty of muscles that way they can protect the other players and win the

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