Football Cornerback Analysis

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Growing up in a small town with only a stop light and a gas station could be extremely boring. Football was an escape from this depressing environment due to the fact that this is all one would have. Football not only helps athletes connect on a teammate basis, it also gives athletes a family. Football was more than a game it was a way of life, especially growing up in Mississippi. Football not only developed me as a person, it also helped me stay out of trouble and focus on school. As anyone that watch or play football would know, there are three different aspects of football; Offense, defense, and special teams. Coming from a small school usually means that players have to play all three and that is exactly what I had to do. Although it was extremely extraneous, I loved every bit of it and would not go back and change any part of the game that I played. First off was defense since I have a passion for cornerback. The main objective of a cornerback is to prevent the quarterback from passing the ball to his teammates. There are an array of ways to do so in fact. When a defensive player catches a quarterbacks pass it is classified as an…show more content…
Wide out is the player on offense that the quarterback wants to get the ball to. Although I had a passion for defense, I also enjoyed wide out, and since I played on both side of the ball I often had the advantage. Wide out is just as difficult as corner due to the fact that you have to catch the ball when it is thrown to you, but you also have to block when your teammates are running the ball. Blocking may seem like an easy task at hand, but it may be the hardest part of football on the field, because if no one blocks, no one scores. Also, depending on your team may determine how often you get the ball, but on my team this was not a problem. I did not get the ball much, because we were a running team, but when I did it took every advantage that I had and played my

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