High School Dropouts In The United States

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In the United States, over 1.2 million high school students result in dropping out of school. Some are unemployed or even find themselves participating in crimes afterward. 68% of prisoners say they do not have a high school diploma. I agree that some of these dropouts were simply lazy to do school work, but there are several that did not receive the aid they needed. To decrease the number of dropouts, schools should pay students to go to school because it provides for students that are in poverty, keeps students out of trouble, and it also motivates them to go and stay in their classes. One of the first and chief factor forcing students out of school is poverty. A maximum of 71% of high students in the United States come from a family with low-income, border lining poverty or are already living in poverty. This percent is growing every year. Recent researches done by educational specialists proves that students with a low-income background are five times more likely to drop out of school than those with a high-income. In addition, low-income students usually do not live in an…show more content…
Students from a family in poverty, many times do not receive the proper training and guidance they need and live in an environment that puts faulty influences on them resulting in the type of behavior showing at school. Lastly, one of the most obvious factors pulling students out of school is the lack of motivation. There is a large portion of dropouts in this factor who simply say they do not like school; however, 60% of these students say that they felt like they did not belong in school, have a difficult time getting along with others, are unable to adapt to a new school they transferred to or do not feel safe at school. These are all factors that we should take into consider because these reasons result in additional students skipping classes or even

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