My Favorite Chaperone Analysis

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The plot of ‘’My Favorite Chaperone’’ is that brothers and sisters all stick together. For example when Nurzhan got in a fight at school, Maya had to translate to her dad about what the prince able was saying. She lied to her dad and said that the school wasn’t taking it as bad as he thought, but they really did. That’s how Maya was good to Nurzhan as a sister. How Nurzhan was being a good brother to Maya he was trying to get Mayas permission slip signed for her to go to the dance, He got it signed, the way she could go is if she had a chaperone. I bet she didn’t want a grown up to take her, so she got Nurzhan to go with her. When he went with her he didn’t even mess with her. She got to dance with her friends. He didn’t even bother her when

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