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“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest” (Benjamin Franklin). Waiting for Superman supports this ideal by showing the need for first-class education in the United States. It follows the stories of several students around the country in hopes of escape the “dropout factories” that they are currently on track to attend by competing in a lottery to secure a spot at a recognized charter school. Waiting for superman profiles the American Education System and how are students are suffering due to the lack of motivated teachers, funds, and equal opportunities to give our students a quality education. The American education system use to be regarded as one of the highest in the world and over the years has been falling to one of the…show more content…
Tenure in schools is a huge problem in American schools because teachers who are granted tenure in two years after teaching lose motivation to teach the necessary material and prepare students for life. Many students testify that teachers will directly tell students they have no intention to educate them. This has gotten out of control, and we are now seeing students being pushed through the system because teachers simply don’t want to teach. This was one of Michelle Rhee’s main points in Waiting for Superman. She made it very clear that she wanted to strive for an education system where teacher’s income was based on student achievement also eliminating teacher tenure. In Rhee’s opinion public schools in DC and around the country are not doing a good enough job educating our children. She states that, “It all becomes about the adults” (Guggenheim). Teachers and administration putting their comfort and job security is truly harnessing the learning of thousands of students in America. Waiting for Superman again puts charter schools in a better light than the normal public schools profiled. It is implied that these charter schools have teachers that truly care about the students and the future of our country, in contrast to the short term thinking of the normal public school

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