Black Holes: The Death Of A Supergiant Star

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Space is on the most mysterious of all the known creations. Out of all the things in space, I find black holes the most interesting. They are created from death. The death of a supergiant star brings life to these magnificent phenomenons. Black holes and space in general inspire me because it makes me want to learn more about the unknown universe. We can learn so much by exploring theories and pushing the known boundaries. Black holes have such a strong gravitational pull, that not even light can escape it. The only way you can escape the gravitational pull is if you don't go past the event horizon, but if you do, you would have to be faster than the speed of light, but that would break time. There is a theory that there is a black hole in the middle of our galaxy. The person that discovered black holes was not the "scientific hero," Albert Einstein. Einstein only came up with the theory of their existence. John Wheeler discovered them in 1971.…show more content…
After a supernova, the pulsar takes in matter. Once it gets more than enough matter, it shrinks and then expands, and then it has to quickly find light. If the black hole doesn't find light in time, it will die. If/once it does find light, it turns into a quasar (a bigger black hole). The nearest black hole is several thousand light-years away. The black hole in the center of our galaxy is 27,000 light-years away. Anything can be a black hole if it is compressed where not even light can escape. If you traveled into a black hole you would either be on the other side of the universe or all your cells would be ripped

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