Mumbai Dabbawala Case Study

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The Mumbai Dabbawala’s Quality: The quality is that, the customers who is going to 'consume' the products and services should have less or nothing to complain about. The Mumbai’s dabbawala are very well focused, and planned in delivering the dabbers or lunch boxes to their customers on-time for maintaining the quality of service. As they are committed to their service and teamwork due to which their services are not even effecting due to natural climatic challenges such as heavy tides, wreaked widespread havoc which usually brings the Indian commercial capital to a virtual standstill. The dabbawalla’s are successfully operating their operations as they have segregated their workers across the city and are limited to their respective assigned…show more content…
Volume and change in delivery locations are not impacting their service. The dabbawala’s flexibility allow the operation to adjust its output levels and its delivery procedures in order to sync with customer needs as when they want them or where they want them. Cost Here, cost is defined as amount to be paid for the delivery of lunch boxes. The dabbawalas are succeeded to capture around 200,000 customers with a very low cost, charging between 400-500 Indian rupees which is around 7$-9$ by well maintaining the high quality, high speed, high dependability and high flexibility. Most of the office workers living in Mumbai, the world’s fourth most populous city prefer to eat home-cooked food in their workplace rather than eating outside at a food stand or at a restaurant, mostly for the reasons of taste and hygiene. Therefore, in Mumbai dabbawalas are offering such an amazing service by picking and delivering the customers fresh home-made food to their work location with a very low cost and prompt delivery. Dabbawala’s customers are very much dependent on them as they are flexible in delivering the dabbas sometimes to even to a different location rather than the usual…show more content…
The dabbawalas service in Mumbai is a legendary for its reliability and customer’s satisfaction. Since its inception in 1890, dabbawala service is attracting and grabbing hundreds of customers every day. As each and every operation or service will have its own measurable or non-measurable threats, similarly dabbawala logistic service is also dealing with the threats like endured famines, wars, monsoons, Hindu-Muslim riots, and a series of terrorist attacks in Mumbai, the one of the most populous cities of Asian continent. The typical dabbawalas have an overall operational system whose basic pillars are organization, management, process, and culture which are perfectly aligned with the dedication and commitment towards their work responsibilities due to which it maximizes the productivity, service and reduces the

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