Henry Ford Accomplishments

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Henry Ford was not an inventor. He did not invent the assembly line nor did not even invent the automobile. Henry Ford's mind was used to innovate the entire world's standard for production and brought a means of cheap transportation to every home in America, Canada, United Kingdom, and a lot in Europe and Asia. Since he changed the way every manufacturing company creates its product he brought jobs to a vast amount of people. I will briefly explain the life of Henry Ford and afterwards the positive the Model T and the assembly line had on our the society during his time and our current society. This will lead to a greater understanding of how the automobile became a means of transportation that virtually anyone could afford. It all began in…show more content…
Three years later he no longer wanted to stay a farmer. He decided that he would take an apprenticeship as a machinist in detroit. Specifically he would use machines to cut and design metal pieces. After doing this for a while he became skilled at his profession and could operate and service steam engines. Roughly ten years later Ford got married and returned to farming so he could support his wife and son. Only three years later he got hired at the Edison Illuminating Company as an engineer. Ford was talented in this field and after only five years he earned himself a promotion to chief Engineer. During his time of working he had been working on a horseless carriage design. Three years later he finished designing his first version which was the Ford Quadcycle. That same year he had a meeting with the Edison executives and he ended up showing his plans for the horseless carriage to Thomas Edison himself. Edison encouraged him to try and create a better model of the Ford Quadcycle. After some trial and error he created his own company, the Ford Motor Company. Subsequential he created the seemingly perfect car which he names the Model T. The Model T was the most…show more content…
An assembly line is a line of tools, machines and workers who all have a specific task to repeat on an incomplete unit in order to complete it. This is done at a rapid pace and can create the same object multiple times in a short period of time. It also allows for higher quality and and more reliable products. Ford was the one to perfect this method. In 1908 the first Model T sold for $825(roughly $21,000 today), then after only 17 years he dropped the price to $260(roughly $3500 today) which is almost a third of what it was. This allowed the Model T to be owned by virtually everyone. Not only that but the assembly drastically reduced the amount of time it took to make one car. Before the assembly line it took roughly twelve and a half hours to create one, after the assembly line it only took 93 minutes which is over 8 times faster. They went from making 100 Model T’s a day to a breathtaking 1000 a day. Now that the entire factory was based on the assembly line there was no need for experienced workers and they were able to pay less experienced people much less to handle the tedious tasks, all they needed to do was teach them how to do a few simple tasks and they were fully capable of handling any job. Although the tasks were easy many people found the job to be too dull, repetitive and dull and ended up leaving so he increased the

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