Children In Foster Care

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Children raised in foster care have an IQ 20 points lower due to lack of self confidence (“Facts and Statistics”). Parents don’t understand the negative impact it has on the kids. Adults think it’s all good to go ahead and place their kids in foster care when it’s not, it is completely wrong. It has a bad impact on them for the rest of their lives, being in foster care doesn’t give kids a good education. 25% of kids that age out of foster care do not have a diploma or GED (“Facts and Statistics”). Also being in foster care means moving around alot so you can’t get into school and stay at one school for very long. It means going to a new foster care program, 55% of kids go through 3 or more foster care programs a year(“Foster care”). When…show more content…
In 2013 over 640,000 kids spent time in foster care and felt unloved (“ Foster care and adoption program”). Imagine that my entire high school is around 4 to 5 hundred people and over 640,000 kids are feeling unloved? That's absolutely outrageous. Around the world there are about 1.53 million kids as orphans (“ Facts and Statistics”). Meaning there are that many kids not getting a good education, there are that many kids possibly not getting a diploma, there are that many kids that have to suffer from depression of thinking and believing they are not loved, there are that many kids that possibly are getting abused. Putting your kid up for a adoption and placing them in a foster home doesn't mean your life just magically changes because you don't have to see them everyday. Kids still have to go through a lot more than what parents think the kids go through because the kids don’t speak up. Only 22% of kids want to be adopted because they have no idea where they will end up and they have no idea what there life could end up to be (“Foster Care”). Mainly foster care parents are just there for the money they honestly do not care about the kids, if the foster care parents don't like the kids they can just send them to a different foster care house. Since they want the money the foster care parents should by nice things for the kids because they…show more content…
Also another way to adopt a kid is right after birth the parents come in and take the kid to therefore it would take a tole on the mother of that child. When the kid starts getting to the point where he wants to find out more about his birth parents, The kids start to feel alone in a way, knowing that their birth parents don’t care or love them. Sometimes the kids don’t want anything to do with the birth parents but the birth parents want back into the kid's life, which usually it's illegal for the birth parents to get back into the kid's life until they are 18. After being adopted if the parents still wants to be apart of the kids life in a way, you may make an agreement with the the judge at court as you are finalizing the adoption process, you could say they can see you once a month at this location or you cans send letters through DHS during birthdays or

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