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Devin Logsdon 12/18/2015 P.5 Mrs. Dowling The Early 1900’s with Henry Ford Many people would agree that Henry Ford was an intelligent, hard working man who came up from a farming family in Wayne County, Michigan. Around the age of sixteen, Ford decided that the farming lifestyle was not for him (Bio). This decision made him into one of the most well known people in American history and made him the most influential person of the turn of the nineteenth century. His work outside of the farm included an apprenticeship as a machinist in Detroit. He had to briefly go back to farm work after he married to support his wife and newly born son. Hr soon after left the farm and was hired as an engineer at Edison’s Illuminating Company. His hard work…show more content…
Ford used his fortune and his widely renowned Company name to voice his opinion and to help the country for the better (Bio). A wise man once said “any publicity is good publicity”. This could be argued in Ford’s sake but for the most part that is very true. Henry Ford was still apart of the Ford Automotive Company during the start of the second World War. Although Ford had his Anti-semitic views, Ford offered his help and had some of his factories to help assemble Tanks, weapons, and ammunition for the war. America being the patriotic country that it is was very appreciative of the help from Ford. Some reporters made false allegations that the company was poorly treating it's employees that were active duty soldiers in the war. The reports said Ford was “not paying National Guardsmen who worked for hire for their time serving the army when Ford was paying the guardsmen and made jobs available for them once the returned from their service” (Tilton). Ford’s production levels helped the United States Army distribute the necessary resources for the war on industrial levels across the world. Many people would look up to Ford because of the help he provided for the Army to fight in the Second World War. Because of the efforts Ford made to help the country, he became very influential and would forever be a household

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