Similarities Between Holden And Ford

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An assignment off principle of financial market. Holden and ford. Business overview Holden and ford both are the car manufacturing company. Firstly, I would like to explain about Holden. Holden is a Australian car manufacturing company i.e. automobile which operates in Australia and its headquarter in 191 Salmon street Port Melbourne, Victoria with an engine manufacturing and vehicle manufacturing in Adelaide, south Australia. The company name is General Motors Holden limited but it’s commonly known as Holden Company. It was founded in 1856 as a saddlery manufacture and moved to automotive field in 1908. The founder of Holden was James Alexandra Holden. Holden became the supplier of general motors an American car manufacturing company in 1924. Today in this twenty first century, Holden is one of only seven fully integrated global General motors that designs, built and sell vehicle all over the world. ( Also, it exports V6 engines to china, Korea and Mexico for the number of General Motors brands. The main…show more content…
Ford is an American multinational company who sells automobiles and commercial vehicle. While talking Ford, it operates through two sectors, one automotive and the other is financial services. In automotive sector it develops, manufactures, distribute and service vehicle. In this sector the company sell its vehicle to the public through dealers and distributors. On the other hand there is financial service sector which offers different automotive financing product to and through automotive dealers. Based on 2010 sales, ford is the second largest U.S. based automaker and the fifth largest in the world. While talking about Ford Australia, it is the subsidiary of ford motor company of Canada which manufacture, imports and distribute vehicles for domestic and international markets.

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