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Beauty Resulting from Unity with Individuality Every Child Matters is a delightful, yet powerful painting by Michelle Fuller. In this painting, Fuller makes use of acrylic paint to portray the importance of the individuality within each child. As well as showing the importance of individuality, this piece accurately depicts how the differences between children can come together to form something beautiful. Through this painting, the concept of how every child matters is brought to light. Every Child Matters is a bright and vivid work of art. In this piece, Fuller employed her own style of pointillism. Pointillism is a painting technique, which utilizes patterns of many small dots of varying colors to depict an image. In Fuller’s crude style of pointillism, she used the fingers of many different…show more content…
As stated above, Fuller used the fingers of countless elementary school students to form her painting. In Every Child Matters, the individuality of the children can be seen through the distinctness of each fingerprint. Like the children, each of the fingerprints used to make this piece is unique and special in its own way. Not only does this piece portray the value of the uniqueness in every child, but it also displays a sense of unity. An essential aspect of pointillism is the fact that many dots can form one cohesive and unified image. Therefore, in her own way, Fuller showed how the varying fingerprints can come together to form one beautiful image. Just as each of the fingerprints varied in size, shape, and color, each of the children, who contributed to this piece, was also different. Whether the differences lied in age, gender, ethnicity, or religion, each child had a uniqueness that set him or her apart from their peers. It is the uniqueness of each child and their fingerprint, which enables something extraordinary to be

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