How Did Henry Ford Change The World

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Henry Ford was an entrepreneur born in July 1867, one of the most influential one in the history of mankind. Henry Ford was also one of the most successful entrepreneurs at his time as well. Making approximately “one billion dollars”.This is a stupendous amount of money, with today's inflation that is approximately “12.7 billion dollars.This acquisition of such wealth was especially surprising as it was acquired by a previous farm boy, with aspirations with a meek dream to become something different, an engineer. Henry Ford was the pioneer of the assembly line, and this production method not only revolutionized his own production but the production lines of thousands of other companies, changing their products, and more importantly changing the market as a whole. The market before Ford’s…show more content…
The beginning of the assembly line started with the entrepreneur named Henry Ford. Henry Ford was a farm boy, that grew up in a little town in Michigan.After moving away, to learn to become an engineer, he built his first car, and separately after tha,t raced a well known racing company and won. The most suprising thing about this race hwoever was not the fact theat Henry Ford had won the race, it was the fact that Henry had made an announcement saying that he would make the cars far chaeper and more affordable than that of the previous generation. This at first came as a shock.and was undoubtedly questioned when that was first announced. Nevertheless, Henry changed the way that manufactureers, originally made cars, in a stationary manner, moving from one station to the next. Ford changed this making the production on a moving line. The idea behind it was, one could maximize the producttivity of a worker by making that person, do one thing over and

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