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To understand how the Indianapolis Motor Speedway was financed, one has to understand the history and context of when it was built. In the early 1900’s the roads in Indiana were not yet developed, and seeing that automotive technology was on the rise, many people needed somewhere to drive their vehicles other than a dirt road. Local entrepreneurs, Carl G. Fisher, James Allison Arthur Newby and Frank Wheeler, realized the potential and need for such a “motor parkway” and began developing the plans for the Indianapolis Motor Speedway (“People of IMS” n.d.). It was spearheaded by Fisher who joined together with his partners (and financiers) Newby, who was head of the National Motor Vehicle Company, Wheeler, of the Wheeler-Schelber Carburetor firm,…show more content…
One of the most critical challenges is ensuring that all of these iconic and classic races receive equal attention from the media that will lead to greater attendance numbers and sold-out races. The most famous race that comes to mind when thinking about the speedway is the Indy 500, held on Memorial Day each year. This race brings drivers from around the world to compete in this elite race that is watched from around the world and tickets to attend are almost always sold out. While this is great for Indianapolis 500 franchise, this is not good for other races held there including the Brickyard 400, a NASCAR race. The Brickyard has seen a decline in attendance almost in half in the last decade. With attendance and TV ratings down, subsequently there has been a decline in vendors and sponsors (Schoettle, 2012). While this may not be directly an operational challenge, it has affected the upper management of the IMS. Doug Boles was named the President of Indianapolis Motor Speedway in July of 2013 with the hopes of changing momentum and boosting attendance at the Brickyard 400. Boles is responsible for the daily operations and maintenance of the facility including the Indy 500, Red Bull Indianapolis GP and the Kroger Super Weekend at the Brickyard (Schoettle,

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