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Henry Ford and the Model T Introduction Henry Ford was born on July 30, 1863. He was a business magnate and the founder of the Ford Motor Company. One of his biggest achievement was the development of the Model T, which was introduced on October 1, 1908. In the early 1900’s, only rich people could have an automobile. First of all, because the actual car was expensive, and second, because most models were so complicated to drive, that they would need a chauffeur. Henry Ford was determined to build a simple, reliable and affordable car, a car that the average American could afford. Out of this determination came the Model T and the assembly line, two innovations that transformed the American Society and the world we live in today. Main Body Even…show more content…
Boxy in its basic design, this open-top vehicle came in one color, green during the first years and black after 1914. It weighed only twelve hundred pounds, and it was propelled by a four cylinder, twenty horsepower engine, which allowed the car to go as fast as forty-five miles per hour. Even though it is logical to place the steering wheel and controls on the left side for a country where vehicles drive on the right side of the road, this was the first model to do so. This innovation would quickly be adopted by most carmakers. The engine, transmission, flywheel, and universal joint were all enclosed within one case, which was lubricated by a splash and gravity oil system. Another innovation the Model T featured, was an engine whose four cylinders were not cast separately but drilled into a solid block covered by a single, detachable cylinders head. Because of the car’s three-point suspension system, the Model T had great flexibility. Also, a high clearance offered much forgiveness in navigating rough, rutted American…show more content…
A multiuse hand lever served for many functions, such as, releasing the clutch in one position, putting the car into a high speed in another, and serving as an emergency brake when pulled completely back. The unique planetary transmission was a vast improvement over earlier systems for gear shifting; an ingenious magneto was incorporated into the flywheel to supply current for the ignition and the lights. The car was so simple itself in terms of its basic systems, that any driver handy with a screwdriver, pair of pliers, wrench set, and some wire could repair most problems and get the car up and running in case of a breakdown. The Model T made its debut in 1908, and over ten thousand were sold in its first year with a purchase price of $825.00. Four years later, Ford made the manufacturing process even less expensive, so he was able to drop the price to $575.00 and sales soared. By 1914, Ford could claim a 48% share of the automobile market.

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