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In Chapter 7 or Snarrs’ textbook we see a wide variety of forms of health and health issues that impact the globe. Many of these issues we see in our everyday life and experience them personally. He hits many topics of Health such as nutritional health, food security, under and over nutrition, diseases, reproductive health, mental health and many other concepts as well. In my summary I will be hitting on multiple of those topics and discussing how Snarr used them in terms of global issues. I will start with nutritional health. This subject is probably very familiar to many and is a daily process people have to go through. Nutritional health is a noninfectious disease, but it is a disease in terms of food scarcity and under nutrition. Food…show more content…
Mainly we see under nutrition in areas of Africa and some parts of third world countries who haven’t developed yet. Over nutrition is seen most commonly in the United states because of our love for fast food and McDonalds. Nutritional deficiency is not commonly seen in children across the globe because they are not given the nutrients for survival. Lack of certain vitamins can cause disease which usually take multiple children’s lives throughout the globe. Over nutrition is more prevalent no in developing countries that have a vast array of food. Westernized diets high in certain nutrients such as sugars and fats are becoming more popular. The United States for example has the highest obesity rate in the world and with the multiple new fast food chains opening I don’t see that slowing down anytime in the near future. Just as under nutrition, over nutrition also causes diseases such as Diabetes and heart problems which are life threatening just like the diseases causes by under nutrition. It has always seemed like we would make a turn for the best in the US but now in the 21st century I don’t think many things are changing with over nutrition. I do believe that in today’s world under nutrition is decreasing because more and more countries are becoming developed quicker. Like mentioned many times already we will talk about diseases in the next

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