Concussions In Sports

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Introduction Throughout all levels of football there are numerous risks that can have life altering effects. These risks include the possibility of severe head and spinal injuries, which are caused by numerous impacts to the head. Concussions and spine injuries are two of the most severe injuries that are associated with the risk of football. Concussions are a head injury that, if not taken care of properly, can have serious neurological effects. The primary cause of a concussion is a high intensity head impact. These types of impacts are praised on the professional level, which due to popularity, have a great influence how young children play the game. These neurological effects can be more detrimental on children. This intensity at which…show more content…
These hits happen with such speed due to many coaches preaching the phrase, “speed kills.” Speed, coming from rapid acceleration, can also result in a concussion due to the brain being motionless then suddenly moving. This reckless attitude leads to players, regardless of their experience, to make plays using improper form resulting in head to head collusions at high speeds. For example former South Carolina defensive end, Jadeveon Clowney, employed this belief when he hit the Michigan running back with such a great amount of force his (the running back’s) helmet flew back six yards. The force applied during this hit is commonplace in the NFL; with that high force being absorbed by players’ brains results in an extremely high number of neurological injuries. In 2012 the NFL, through the preseason, regular season, and practice reported 261 concussions (CNN Library). Multiple concussions are believed to lead to chronic traumatic…show more content…
If the head and spinal injuries continue to grow there is a chance that participation may decrease so greatly that a fundamental part in the American society might be inexistent. Basic changes to the game will result in a greater safety rate in the sport. For example, the game used to lack helmets and a neutral zone, which resulted in the death and severe injury of many players. But, with the introduction of the neutral zone, helmets, and an expanded distance to receive a first down the risk involved in playing the game was significantly reduce (Piazz). More effective ways to manage the risk is to ensure that proper form and technique is taught at a young age. This idea of, “heads up football,” is what will truly impact the game the most. The fundamentals of this idea prevent not only spinal but neurological injuries. Due to the fact that with head up technique players use their shoulders, not the crown of their helmets, which inhibits the brain from shaking and the spine from being compressed. The risk involved with this physical game can be reduced exponentially through the combination of simple techniques and revolutionary

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