Bin Awad Bin Laden Construction Case Study

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Saudi Bin Laden Construction Company has done many projects in the Kingdom as well as on international level. Some of the main projects done include Royal Terminal (Jeddah), New Haj Terminal (Jeddah), Al Faisiliyah Center (Riyadh), Um Alqura University (Makkah), Medina–Qassim Expressway, Lotus Compounds (Jeddah), Alameera Noura University, Abraj Al Bait Towers (Makkah), Jeddah tower (Jeddah), King Abdullah Economic City, Jamaraat Bridge. The international projects include Blaise Diagne International Airport (Senegal), Kuala Lumpur International Airport (Malaysia), Sharjah International (UAE), University of SHARJAH (UAE). History – Muhammad bin Awad bin Laden was born in the South of Yemen in 1908 to Awad bin Aboud bin Laden, a tribesman from al Rubat village. Muhammad bin Laden’s son Osama bin Laden was the notorious founder of al Qaeda, the Sunni radical Islamist organization. Poor and uneducated Muhammad emigrated to Tihamah and started working as a porter in Jeddah. In 1930, he started his own construction business and after coming into the attention of Abdul Aziz Al Saud he achieved success.…show more content…
They affect directly or indirectly all doctors of that industry, without their being able to influence it. In a scientific investigation into the problems of the construction industry, out of the 47 variables identified that can adversely affect the construction industry, 37 variables were classified under the environment of the construction industry. Of the 18 variables considered to constitute the most serious problems, which occur all the time, 17 variables were related to the business environment of the construction industry. This paper reviews the research findings with respect to the business environment of the construction industry in Nigeria and discusses the implications of some of the

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