Hawaii Culture

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Hawaii is a place that every person wants to visit and experience during their life. What grabs their attention is the culture and language of the Hawaiian people. Everyone knows that the Hawaiians lost their culture and religion when the colonists came to Hawaii. Now, Hawaiians are given the respect and privilege to take lead of their own culture. The Navajo people are a well known tribe in the United States that has established order in their government. This tribe has their own unique language, culture, and health solutions for mental/physical. Both Navajo and Hawaiians cultures, traditions, religion, language and health/medical & physical are both similar and different. Hawaiians obviously live in Hawaii, the Navajo live in a drier area.…show more content…
In ancient times, Hawaiian traditional healers would practice La‘au Lapa‘au, medicinal healing, at some of the heiaus using plants from around the heiau and in neighboring forests. Healers view food as medicine, along with fresh, clean air and water. In all cases, healers offer a prayer to ask permission to cure the person who is ill. They also give thanks for the medicines before harvesting and preparing them, and ask permission to facilitate medicinal healing on behalf of the creator. The Navajos had a similar way of healing people like the Hawaiians. The Navajo people, the same as Hawaiians used all natural items to help them with their illnesses and took their eating habits seriously. The Navajo people ate deer, and for small game they ate fish or…show more content…
The Navajo people spoke in Na-Dené Southern Athabaskan language known as Diné bizaad. Navajo language is a complex language with many tones and many different vowels. This language is difficult for most English speakers because it is difficult to pronounce. Only nearly 150,000 Navajo speak their native Navajo language. The settlers that came to Hawaii, thought that their language was a unusual language, which caused them to ban it. The Kingdom was overthrown in 1893 and the annexation followed in 1898. The Hawaiian language was entirely banned from schools and government. Today, there are only one thousand native speakers left and most of them live on Ni’ihau. The language was resurrected in 1978. Many Hawaiian families take the task to try to speak and understand the language (since there is not a lot of full-Hawaiian speakers). The Navajo language is a hard language to understand and learn, but they put the effort to learn it. These groups have a lot of common and both have a stubborn mind to make their culture alive. The Navajos culture is something that is disappearing. Since their grandparents and past generations had a huge affect on their future generations. Their culture is still

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