John Boyne's The Boy In The Striped Pajamas

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The book that I read for the extra credit is The Boy in the Striped Pajamas written, by John Boyne. This book starts off by introducing us to a nine year old boy named Bruno. Bruno comes home from school one day and notices one of the maids named Maria packing their clothes and belongings. Bruno and his family have to relocate from their current home in Berlin due to his father receiving an important new job in the German military. Bruno does not like this idea of moving and leaving his old friends, school, and their old place in Berlin. He spent a lot of time exploring his home and he feels that he is just starting to explore that place. Bruno tries to beg his parents to stay, but his parents persuade him that it is a nice place…show more content…
While Bruno was walking along the fence he came across a black blob, but as he moves closer he sees a boy sitting on the ground. That boys name is Shmuel. Shmuel happens to be born on the same day. Shmuel lives on the other side of the fence in the concentration camp. Bruno tells Shmuel that they are like twins. Shmuel tells Bruno that he lived above his father's watch store. The soldiers come and move his family into a single room where they have to share with others and then brought them to this camp. Shmuel and Bruno start to arrange time to see each other everyday. Bruno brings food to Shmuel because he notices that Shmuel is really skinny. One day Bruno comes into the house and sees Shmuel cleaning glasses for Bruno and his family. Bruno and his family have The Fury coming over for dinner and everything has to be perfect. While Shmuel is cleaning glasses, Bruno gets him some chicken from the kitchen. Shmuel pleads to Bruno that he cannot eat anything, he was has an order to clean the glasses and that is what he must do. After a little controversy Shmuel then starts to eat the chicken and gets caught which causes Shmuel to get into trouble. Lieutenant Kotler then questions Bruno and not Shmuel. Bruno was afraid to tell the truth, allowing the Lieutenant Kotler to believe Shmuel stole the chicken. Bruno later sees Shmuel at the fence where they normally meet and he

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