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I am proud to be a Hawaiian and all the opportunity that the culture has given me. The Hawaiian culture has more than specific food and games; it has given me a way of life. Life in Hawaiian is Ola but the word Ola also means death and happy life. Hawaii is a beautiful place with beautiful people, the culture shares meaning for all that’s the reason why I wake up in the morning. There are so many ways to express the Hawaiian culture every single day by just doing the simple things. Every day there is a chance of you showing a Hawaiian characteristic like aloha, kokua, ohana, and mahalo. Each meaning has a reason behind it and every reason has a purpose. The roots of Hawaiian culture stretch south to older areas of Polynesia and beyond to the islands of the Western Pacific and the edges of Asia. The first settlers to Hawai`i brought with them the more ancient Polynesian traditions and lifestyles. Over many years the generations adapted to their beliefs and ways of living to accommodate their home, adding new gods like Pele and Lono and honing new…show more content…
Hawaiians exceeded over theirs and other Polynesian expectations. A highly structured and refined culture blossomed in the Islands' benign climate and lush in great quantity. Over time, the Hawaiian people grew as distinct but also started be over populated. The Native Hawaiian population was estimated around 800,000 in 1778, the year Captain Cook arrived. “The monarchy originally founded by King Kamehameha I in 1810 was overthrown in 1893 by U.S. naval forces and in 1898; the U.S. annexed the islands as the Republic of Hawai'i.” The islands started to get diseases introduced by foreigners. In 1900 the pure Native Hawaiian population declined to 29,800 with another 7,800 Hawaiians of mixed ancestry. Over so many years of self-civilization the Hawaiian culture seem to

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