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With its rich culture and unique history compared to mainland America, Hawaii’s geographical features hold much significance to their native people. The Hawaiian Islands are located close to the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Hawaii is comprised of a multitude of islands, however most of the state’s land area and population are located toward the easternmost end of the archipelago in four large islands. These main islands consist of (from smallest to largest) Kauai, Oahu, Maui, and Hawai’i. Hawai’i, the largest Hawaiian island, contains two thirds of the entire land area of Hawaii. However, this island is home to only one tenth of the population. Also known as “The Big Island,” it is composed primarily of basaltic rock due to the islands large volcanic activity. Today, there are three active volcanoes on the island that have enlarged Hawai’i in the past centuries. The largest mountain of this island and all of Hawaii is Mauna Kea. Mauna Kea is the largest mountain in the world if it was measured from its base rather than from ocean level. In its entirety, this massive mountain is about 10,000 meters tall with only 4,200 meters above ocean level. This mountain is located on the northern side of Hawai’i and was once a highly volatile volcano, but has been inactive for 3000 years. It is considered the most sacred…show more content…
Papa, the earth mother, married Wakea, the sky father, and then gave birth to the Hawaiian Islands. Mauna Kea is believed to be the pairs first born and is therefore the largest and most sacred of all the mountains. All of the native Hawaiian population can trace their lineage back to these two prominent beings. In another Hawaiian legend, Mauna Kea is thought to be the navel of Papa. In comparison to pueblo culture, it is the sipapu of the earth mother. Although this mountain is highly revered the native Hawaiians do not have a particular ownership of this

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