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The beautiful islands of Hawaii are known for their spirit of Aloha and are very welcoming to outsiders The word Aloha is used to greet anyone even outsiders, such as Americans. When people say Hawaii I think beaches, coconuts, girls in grass skirts doing hula but Hawaii has so much more. An American or foreigner in Hawaii are described as Haoles. Hawaiians use to the word Haole to describe Caucasians because it is the Cultural term, for territorial reasons, and to differentiate locals from outsiders. The word Haole is used to describe foreigner’s especially Caucasians because it is the cultural term. Haole first came to Hawaii since Captain Cook’s discovery of Hawaii in 1778. The original meaning of this word is “without breath” but culturally…show more content…
The number of American’s have increased over the years in Hawaii; therefore, Hawaiian’s feel they need to use such a term to for power and racial issues. The US census bureau states that there are only 80,137 Native Hawaiians left living on the islands of Hawaii causing them to feel territorial of their land. An American born on the islands will always be considered a Haole simply because of their skin color even if they get a tan but not only American’s have a name other foreigners have also earned a name, such as Micronesian’s. There are many different islands of Micronesia but it doesn’t matter because they are all considered “Micro’s” even though they are brown and can be easily mistaken as a Hawaiian. Native Hawaiians are very territorial of their land because the Census Bureau predicted that the islands of Hawaii will be mostly foreigners in 2050. Today Haoles make up 40 percent of the population in Hawaii while on the other hand there’s only 20 percent of Native Hawaiians and the rest locals. Locals are laborers who worked on the sugar and pineapple plantations who were mostly Asian’s or other pacific…show more content…
Today the word is mostly used in a derogative way to describe American’s. A second language known as pigeon is used commonly throughout the islands of Hawaii and Haole is part of it. For example, “Eh Haole you like move up the line get odda folks wanna shop too ah”. This is an example of how Hawaiians speak pigeon and using the word Haole to describe a white person. On the western continent “white” isn’t considered a race so normally white people think it isn’t an issue but being on the islands of Hawaii they become aware of their “whiteness”. A white person in a crowd of Hawaiians will stand out and be called a Haole. There are certain places where white people shouldn’t go such as Waianae which is located on the main island O’ahu. “Eh stupid haole waju doin’ hea go home dis not a beach for haole’s ah”, is an example of what would be said if a white person goes to a certain beach in Waianae. There is one island which Haoles and foreigners are not allowed unless invited, Molokai. The island of Molokai has the highest population of Native Hawaiian ancestry and is known to be the only island that has preserved the real Hawaiian

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