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There are many problems in this world for example extinction of animals,global warming and etc. Also one of the problems are the hawaiian culture being extinct. Hawaiian culture has been dying out for years. It started from 1778 to now and not that much people has been helping it stay alive. This paper will explain when it started,what was the first caused of it. The effects that made it start to die out and how its effecting till this day. And what certain people try to do to make it stay alive. The start of hawaiian culture dying out was when kamehameha 3 did not help the maka’ainana. In a website that was made by Cachola, Jean Iwata stated, “What Kamehameha didn’t know that the maka’ainana still follow the old kapu.” This evidence shows how it started by saying that king Kamehameha 3 didn't want to stay the old hawaiians way he wanted to do the foreigner way. The king wanted to forget the old kapu and wanted to move on to the new way that the foreigners wanted. If they didn't follow the new way then the foreigners wanted to start a war so the…show more content…
One of the many problems this paper talked about was the extinction of hawaiian culture. Most of the casuas happen between 1778-1893. Many diseases came from captain cook and made the hawaiian population drop,making the hawaiian language banned and from the overpopulation from other countries. The main effects that lead to the sudden drop of the hawaiian population was the disease and forgetting their old ways. But the good thing is that people saw what's happening to the hawaiian culture and started to save it with festivals and by teaching their history and language so it won't be forgotten. But pretty soon the festivals and teaching won't be enough to keep the hawaiian culture alive. We can't just sit here and watch the hawaiian population and culture die out and see people struggling to help them we have to do something about

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