Visual Analysis: Surfing In The Hawaiian Culture

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Photo Analysis In the Hawaiian culture, it is normal to hold funerals/times of mourning on a surf board in the ocean. It is a time where a community can grieve together over a loss. Surfing is a lifestyle to the majority of Hawaiian people, and time is taken to honor these surfers that have passed. During this cultural funeral, colorful leis are present, possibly to represent peace about the loss. Paddling out to sea is very much part of a Hawaiian’s life, and what other way to honor a fellow surfer than following tradition. Paddle out ceremonies, according to MSO, “can be both religious and secular and take place on land and in the surf where family and friends gather to honor the deceased.” Many times, “prayers are said, stories retold…show more content…
Family and friends paddle out into the sea to share this time of loss. Some characters in the picture appear to be in distress, almost as if the people are shouting something. There are pink and purple flowers floating on the surface of the water. Everyone in the photo are in no formal attire, but are in bathing suits. The group of people as a while seem to look dysfunctional, but also at peace. In the foreground, there is a clear depiction of the people’s profile. There is a woman holding a pot that seems to be screaming something. Someone underwater is taking a photo/video of the people, as well as…show more content…
Here friends and family gather to scatter the ashes of Montgomery “Buttons” Kaluhiokalani off the coast of Waikiki, where he learned to surf. Known for his spontaneous, innovative style, Kaluhiokalani opened a surfing school on the North Shore of Oahu when his competitive career came to an end. Buttons Kaluhiokalani was the “father of modern surf” and passed away at the age of 54 due to lung cancer. Unfortunately, Kaluhiokalani fell into the trap of heroine, and his career began to slow down. The griever’s, particularly the woman shouting, may be in distress due to the surfer’s lost battle to cancer. Cancer is a powerful thing that has impacted many, including the people in the photo. He was well-known for his spontaneous and eccentric style, on and off the surfboard. He later moved to North Shore and built a school, in hopes of “spreading his aloha and love of surfing to others.” Many people admired his whimsical personality and surfing styles including, “the carving 360, the switch foot cutty…” Kaluhiokalani inspired many and is greatly missed by those who watched

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