Hawaiian Culture Controversy

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Even though It can cause controversy on different beliefs, The practices of hawaiian culture were very ritualistic and custom to whom the people were because It lets people fulfill what they believe in. Bodies have been found in fascinating places as there were many burials. Some of the different burials are actually better for saving space, and They have many different ceremonies. The practices of hawaiian culture were very ritualistic and custom to whom the people were. In the many different ways of celebrating the deceased lives most of them have a lot to do with the bones also known as iwi in Hawaiian. In ancient times the fisherman would have a ceremony where one would take the body of a loved one and wrap them in a red native cloth and throw them into the sea. They believed that when sharks would devour the bodies the spirit of the deceased would become the shark as a form of reincarnation. In the event of the other fisherman being overtaken by an accident at sea they would be spared a life. Along with the burial at sea some people who were part of old Hawaiian culture would cleanse the body with fire leaving only the bones to be held sacred wrapped in natural cloth then buried or entombed. As of June 30th, 2015 the governor of Hawaii approved the right to partake in this tradition once again. Many of…show more content…
By taking up less room it would save more space for the others who passed and less construction The way many of the burials happened had a lot to do with the bones because they were believed to be a very sacred belonging to the body. This means that a lot of the time they only had to bury the bones. The burial at sea left no remnants of the body therefore not taking up anymore room. Now in 2015 the majority of burials that happen are a traditional ceremony with burial in a graveyard. Many people disagree with this practice but it is a traditional way of saying goodbye to the

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