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Alexandra Garibaldi Mrs. Ryan Honors Chem Prd 6/7 October 27, 2014 The article “Chocolate, the New Health Food, or Is It?” by Gail Kay Haines explains how even though chocolate is always viewed as a bad food, it still has health benefits. In chocolate there are many stimulants and other chemicals that make people feel happy when eating it. It can also prevent many diseases and makes a person feel happy. The health benefits make up for the amount of calories. The problem with this is that a multitude of chocolate is processed, taking away the original healthy qualities. Haines, Gail Kay. "Chocolate the New Health Food. Or Is It?" Chocolate also produces a chemical called anandamide that makes a person feel happy, blocks our pain, and reduces depression. A problem with this is that the anandamide does not last very long because the brain breaks down the chemical very quickly. This causes the effects of it to wear out very fast and therefore making someone want chocolate time after time. While some may argue that chocolate is healthy and can prevent many heart diseases, it is only non-processed chocolate that is actually healthy. This is considered chocolate that doesn’t have milk, sugar, or extra cocoa butter. This is a small…show more content…
"Chocolate the New Health Food. Or Is It?" If one eats this processed chocolate thinking that it may be healthy, the calories will add up and can lead to many health problems such as diabetes. This can also lead to heart disease or the clogging of arteries. Also, the high amounts of sugar in processed chocolate can cause cavities or gum diseases. Chocolate also contains caffeine which can spark the nervous system that can cause palpitations, sleep problems, or restlessness. Another disease of health problem that could occur is gastroesophageal reflux. This is when anything you ate comes up from the stomach to the esophagus and causes heartburn. Haines, Gail Kay. "Chocolate the New Health Food. Or Is

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