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Why Not Share some Christmas Leftovers with Your Dog? Everybody is enveloped more or less in the Christmas spirit and it seems natural to want to share some Christmas foods with your dog. Obviously, those pleading eyes and little drool won't help much in ignoring your dog as you place that big turkey on the table. Yet, keep in mind that the days after big holidays are also the busiest days at vet clinics and emergency animal hospitals. Why? Because dogs were often offered foods that they shouldn't have, or between the hustle and bustle of the Christmas preparations the dog was left unattended and he got a hold of a tray full of baker's chocolate. Having worked for a busy animal hospital, I can attest that we got many cases of chocolate toxicity,…show more content…
Therefore it can not be displayed. Christmas Foods to Avoid Feeding Your Dog So you are preparing the Christmas meal, the family is all around the table, Christmas tunes are playing the Christmas tree lights are blinking and Rover is eyeballing those platters and sniffing those wonderful aromas wafting through the kitchen. It's so irresistibly tempting to just give Rover a little portion, almost as if he needs to be part of the Christmas spirit. These foods should be kept safely away and watch out for the naughty kids dropping some under the table! Greasy Foods Too much fat or even just a bit in sensitive dogs can cause a bout of pancreatitis, especially in certain breeds such as miniature schnauzers, Cocker Spaniels, and yorkies. Don't let Rover lick that greasy pan you just used to fry bacon, leftover chicken skin or eat ham trimmings; the symptoms of pancreatitis are quite aggravating leading to loss of appetite, vomiting, hunched-up position, weakness, abdominal pain, diarrhea and dehydration. While an itsy bit of white meat from a turkey or chicken should do no harm, remember to remove the skin and bones and avoid feed ing dark turkey meat. "Feeding too much turkey may make dogs prone to a serious condition known as ''pancreatitis'', explains veterinarian Christina Frick, owner of Frick Veterinary Services in Larned,

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