The Lovely Bones

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The Lovely Bones written by Alice Sebold tells the story of young fourteen year old girl, Susie Salmon who is raped and killed by an older man in her neighbourhood, Mr Harvey. The rest of the novel tells the story of Susie’s afterlife as she flashes back and forth between the times that she had before she had been murdered. The novel shows explicit thoughts of Susie as she tries to help her family solve her murder and the lengths that your family can go to for you. A character that I found very interesting was her younger sister, Lindsey. I find Lindsey to be very loyal to her sister even though they may have fought when Susie was alive but when she was dead she also become devoted to find out what happened to her sister. Lindsey gets the idea to sneak into Mr Harvey’s house as she and her father had suspicions about him being Susie’s killer. While in Mr Harvey’s house she find the evidence that she needs and quickly escapes before he can catch her. I found that this was a very…show more content…
Ruth became friends with Susie just before she had died. Susie connected with Ruth on a spiritual level, and this is shown when Ruth moves to New York City and when she sees a place where a dead girl was killed, she can see what happened to Susie which she returns back to Philadelphia as she suspects Mr Harvey buried her in the sink hole. This part of the novel made me so interested as it showed Susie as a ghost connecting with the human form. I found that it was better to have Ruth connected to her than one of her family members as Ruth was able to switch bodies with Susie and then she was able to be with Ray, even though he thought she was Ruth. The connection between the two signifies a strong friendship even though they may not both be living which had a major impact on the novel as Ruth was still able to be in contact with Susie. It made me happy to know that Susie was not entirely alone as she still had

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