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Emotional security - Attachment Parenting Perhaps you've heard the term "attachment parenting", which translates to " nurture emotional attachment." Created by the American pediatrician William Sears, based theory of child psychiatrist John Bowlby on attachment (Attachment Theory). In this article I will try to bring these two related approaches. O Bowlby explained that in order to enable children to grow with emotional security and have healthy interpersonal relationships, should from their infancy to create over a secure attachment to their parents themselves, the so-called "secure emotional base," which generated substantial the first two years of life. This means that parents grow their children in such a way that they feel that their…show more content…
So we need a lot of support and involvement in child care so the mother can be discharged. One can not grow a child correctly by himself! Over time however, children who grow up with attachment parenting are much more easily in their upbringing, as there is good communication with parents, confidence, calmness and independence faster. Children who grow up in this way usually have better health, cry less, smile more, more demonstratively, calm and happy, and, following the example of their parents, they have more understanding for other people. Also, research shows that are smarter, since the close human relations and not objects, make babies smarter. It is of course important to bear in mind that applying only one instruction of Attachment Parenting, without proper mental approach does not guarantee by itself successful upbringing, but helps considerably. Ever also too late for parents who have followed so far wrong instructions, can with proper education and counseling from specialist to heal wounds and build a relationship with their children to new, healthier bases, cultivating the emotional security that all so much

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