Ethics Of Animal Testing: Is Animal Testing Morally Justified?

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Ethics of Animal Testing An animal’s life in a laboratory is a cold, unhappy and unhealthy way of living. So, lucky for Libby she was rescued just in time. Libby is a small dog that spent many of her years in an animal testing laboratory. She was kept in very unhealthy and filthy conditions. Although Libby was not an old dog when she was rescued, she had severe tooth decay and was terribly emaciated. Her body was desperately trying to fend of the parasitic hookworms and tapeworms that lived inside her. She was at last able to be rescued when PETA ( People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) released a video of lab workers torturing animals and pouring toxic chemicals on them. The company was shut down and the animal’s lives began…show more content…
For example, in the article, “Animal Testing: Is Animal Testing Morally Justified?”, when it says that “animal testing violates animals basic rights, and experiments conducted on them result in extreme and even torturous pain.” When being tested on, animals are often forced to endure harmful chemicals being poured on their skin and eyes. The same article reads, “Every year, tens of millions of animals are used in laboratory settings to gauge the toxicity of newly developed chemicals.” There are millions of animals that have to endure horrible traumas and pain every…show more content…
In fact, studies by the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine have proved that, “chimpanzees used in animal tests can exhibit symptoms of PTSD, a condition more commonly associated with soldiers who have experienced deadly combat” (Animal Testing: Is Animal Testing Morally Justified?). PTSD, also known as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, is a dangerous and harmful mental problem that causes extreme stress and nervousness in the subject. Furthermore, in humans who have returned from battles, symptoms usually include nightmares, reliving especially petrifying events, changes in mental state or beliefs and constant nervous or jittery feelings (“Issue Overview: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder”). The more the animals are tested on, the further along the condition gets. Lab rats and mice are also commonly used to test trauma. They are sometimes burned or shocked in order for scientists to further explain how like traumas could affect humans (“Animal Testing: Is Animal Testing Morally Justified?”). It is too unfair for these animals to suffer for our own

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