Essay On Voting Rights

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The conduction of elections in the USA has changed with many voting rights movements groups protesting the status quo. The turn is dwindling day in day out, and the concern is whether people are forgetting voting as a fundamental right. Voting and necessary reforms are enshrined in the constitution such that people feel the rule of law while at the same time practicing democracy. The manner in which this right is exercised has been put to test, with many voting rights movements protesting about the reforms that have been installed. To simply deny people the right to vote, constitutes electoral injustice which is a threat to a flourishing democracy. Recently, there have been allegations of the possibility of Russia interfering with elections…show more content…
In 1985 the voting rights of US Citizens were only limited to a few group of people such as those that are insane. Researchers have further noted that the current electoral system has disfranchised voters, leading to a turn out problem. Even if universal suffrage is guaranteed, there are hindrances to people participating in an election. There are still some excluded groups such as women of Asian immigrants, African Americans and many other silent groups that have been denied voting rights. A people should not in any way interfere with the progress of an election, by questioning things like voting qualification which forms a fundamental foundation for the implementation of voting rights. The rules of social behavior require that people should be champions of realizing voting rights for all (Keyssar 40). The struggle for voting rights in the US has been described by scholars as one the most interesting complex stories. The struggle was heated to an extent that there were conflicts in the South, with each group of people looking for space in the political arena. The history of universal suffrage is a long process that led to resistance movements leading to the right to vote. Politics and social classes have tainted the implementation of voting rights to the
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