Individual Reflection Paper

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The individual reflection based on core quadrant is one of LUP-22806 Theory and Methodology of Spatial Planning individual assignments. In the lecture, “Cooperation in a project group”, LUP-22806 Theory and Methodology of Spatial Planning, presented at Wageningen University, on 10 September 2014, Johan Bijzen said that the aim of this assignment is to develop better result in group with effective cooperation, for example through building good interaction. Thus, based on this objective, the reflection on individual participation in a group is important. The picture below is the author’s personal core quadrants. Before presenting a further explanation of the author’s core quadrants, there will be some background context about the author as a first year Indonesian student in a foreign country. As an international especially Indonesia student who does not use to speak in English, the author find that studying and discussing something in English become very challenging. In Indonesia, the students are being prepared to have a good mark on their English tests, not to have real competence of English as a language.…show more content…
The role that might suit the author’s quality as a quiet, a listener and also a serious person who like to do tasks without questioning any further is the team workers. These roles are from Belbin’s The Nine Team Roles (Reflection of personal thought and action 2014) said that the team workers are helping the team to gel, using their versatile to identify the work required and complete it on behalf of the team. That quality will help the team to move forward to achieve the goal, for example to work based on the decision of how the tasks or assignments should be done and to keep reminding the team related to the team’s goal. Thus, team members can progress in their assignments, both on individual assignment or group
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