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The study of mythology can last for as long as a lifetime. It is told through some of the most colorful stories. Their stories told about people, institution, and gods. Greeks, romans, Egyptians, and Indians tell the most common myths. They are usually linked to religious beliefs and rituals. Songs, poems, and stories helped explain how people maintained certain things like a fire, grain, oil, honey, agriculture and many other works of art. There are some differences between religion and mythology. Religion and mythology both are in high importance, but mythology is like an aspect of religion. Mythology concerns religion and has some customs to it. Myths explain customs of human society, For example the Greeks. Greek mythology is one of the…show more content…
Uranus hated Hecatoncheires. The youngest Titan, Cronus went against Uranus. Cronus became the next ruler, and married his sister Rhea. Zeus, Hades, and Hera are the three powerful Greek gods. Zeus is the king of…show more content…
As there similarities go, Buddhism and Greek have many differences as well. One difference is the morality of the two gods. In Greek the citizens had believed that gods and goddesses were immortal. And to remain immortal they were forced to eat a certain food called ambrosia. While Buddhist believe that gods aren’t immortal and when they die are reincarnated to earth pursuing another life. In Buddhism if Shakkra were to die; another Shakkra would immediately be created. Another difference between both gods is marriage. Greek gods are allowed to marry anyone including family members, an example being Zeus and Hera who were siblings. Buddhist gods on the other hand aren’t allowed to get married so that they don’t get distracted. Greek gods don’t have goodness, they have power. Buddhist gods on the other hand have goodness rather than power. Now that I have discussed the many similarities and differences of Buddhism and Greek gods and religions/ mythologies. Im going to compare the Greek mythology to Egyptian. The Ancient Egyptians also had a complex belief containing aspects of nature. Their civilization lasted without changing for 3,000 years. Both the Greek and

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