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Ancient Greek literature is the oldest European literature, which affected all sectors of life. The root of ancient literature goes deep to mythological development. Ancient mythological plots were often altered and used again. They are full of dramatic stories about the gods and heroes of the struggle against evil, ugliness, injustice, lovely based on harmony and noble work life. Resentments of ancient literature are included in the modern literature with a hidden deep implication. It seems the ancient literature to be something amazing. After having been read a couple of very interesting works, it can be singled out some of the most brightest and memorable characters of it. Being a protagonist of Homer's Iliad, harsh and unforgiving warrior Achilles is one of the most complex characters throughout the ancient literature. Myths say that Achilles was predicted death in the battle of the arrow shot by the enemy. In an effort to save his son and make his body invulnerable, Thetis held the baby over the fire,…show more content…
In Greek mythology, Medea is a sorceress, as well as a daughter of the king of Colchis. She helped Jason and the Argonauts to get the Golden Fleece, and then fled with them and became the wife of Jason. The main trait of Medea's character is her passionate temperament that makes all her senses excessive. Medea is an antipode to the egoist Jason. In her heart a love to children faced with hatred to the betrayed husband and her desire to revenge. The original location of Medea was the position of the victim. She is passive, misery piled on her one after another and she does not know what to oppose it. However, the strength of Medea’s response action gradually increases. In the soul of the heroine there are no permanent ethical norms, the source of the conflict is a tragedy in herself. Charges against Medea are valid, because her cruelty knows no limits, but all the Medea’s arguments also seem to be

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