How Is Greek Mythology Different From Other Religions

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Greek Mythology is very different from other religions. There are not many similarities between Greek mythology and other religions; however, my research shows several differences when compared with the three monotheistic religions: Islam, Hinduism, and Christianity. Most of the differences between these religions and Greek mythology are mainly found in their beliefs. The three main things that these religions have in common are that they worship God, believe in the afterlife, and believe that there are spiritual beings living among us. Greek mythology is a collection of stories about heroes and people of the culture. It is not a religion based on a spiritual belief system. The collections of stories are about heroes with god like abilities. The Greeks believe in sacred acts and rites rather than pious believes and quiet worship and have many gods. Greek mythology has gods that represent almost everything from the god of love, who is referred to as Athena, to the god of fire, who is referred to as Hades. Greek mythology is most famous for their mythological creatures. A few of them are Medusa, a winged female monster with hair made of snakes, Hades, god of the underworld, and Typhon, who represented devastation and disorder. These Gods are important because the people who believe in Greek mythology use what their gods did in…show more content…
Hinduism is a religion based on one supreme God but is separated into 3 branches of supreme power: Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva, and Lord Brahma. Unlike Hinduism, Greek mythology does not lead back up to one supreme God, there are just several gods. Hindus believe that the afterlife leads to reincarnation. So basically once you die, depending on whether you were a good or bad person, you would be reincarnated into either an animal or something else. Hinduism and Greek mythology don’t really have a lot of similarities except for the fact that both religions have a variety of
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