How To Sexualize Women In The Little Mermaid

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My research paper focuses on how the 1989 film, The Little Mermaid specifically contributes to the commodification by marginalizing and sexualizing women that has notoriously created Disney into one of the most globally recognized companies in the world. In this paper I analyze direct ways in which Disney perpetuates misogyny and sexism, while manipulating its young viewers’ by subliminally encouraging them to believe that chivalry and patriarchy is ‘normal’ in modern society and ultimately ideal for the weak and submissive women. This holds Disney accountable for the ways in which it exploits its young and naïve audience, simply because these ideas are vital in sustaining women’s’ social maltreatment and demonization. However, unlike The Little…show more content…
This creates the biggest challenge while researching and writing this paper as presenting strictly scholastic and objective arguments to avoid bias. This is also to reduce critics’ opportunity to discredit or delegitimize my work, especially those biased against feminism. Presenting a rebuttal statement and then counteracting it with more critical arguments of the ways in which that specific repudiation is problematic, acknowledges critical audiences’ concerns while remaining adamantly strong in my stance. It is important to also pay the respected attention to detail when selecting rhetoric language as it conveys the appropriated tone and mood of the paper to the reader. Just as a research paper requires, the primary source being the Disney film The Little Mermaid, is immediately identified within the research question and in the work, and unlike most papers, the analyzed topic is the primary source…show more content…
I also noticed that it is broader based compared to the narrowed focus that will be presented within the paper, although this is just to give the readers a teaser of what it is about, without immediately giving away its enticing entirety that is to be discovered once the actual research paper is completed. The sentences could also use shortening in order to better enunciate its ideas and without tiring or confusing the reader before they reach the end. Because this topic is less known and therefore needs extra support from its sources, it is important that these theories remain as articulate as can be, in order to lessen the degree of comprehensive difficulty. Some may argue that the prospectus presents a biased tone, however feminists are infamously dubbed as partisans, especially against men, while the exact opposite is what they argue against, and readers must approach this paper with an impartial mindset. This is without recognizing that critical writings must welcome and consider critics’ critical evaluations, as critical thinkers are constantly asking questions and never assume something is right without furthering their own research to create their own

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