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This story is a Greco-Roman myth the story is one of my favorites with three different endings. It is about the Greek goddess of war and k9nowledge, Gods and Goddesses along with heroes are the center of Greco-Roman myths. I have read this story many time before and each time it gives me a realization that no matter what there is no limit to someone omnipotent they are the best. Yes i did predict it as i have read all three different version But it still shocks me, because it also shows that even the Gods are threatened by mortals with their nearly infinite power they still fear us well not us because we aren't a threat to them physically, but knowledge is true power, Athena feared that Arachne had to much knowledge and boasted about it to much claiming to be the best. No because I read it before. I have read the story of Arachne and other Greco-Roman myths so I'm familiar with this story and others like…show more content…
She claimed that she had learned the skill all by herself and that there was no one else in the world who could weave as delicately as her... she even felt that she could compete against Athena, the goddess of skill, and win her with ease. When Athena heard these words, she got disappointed and decided to disguise herself as an old lady and appear in front of Arachne." this proves my point athena liked the thrive for knowledge but Arachne wasn't thriving for the knowledge to help others but to make herself seem better than everyone else. this is god-like complex the person feels they are the best at everything and cant accept when they know the truth so they dig themselve deeper in trouble but they don't try to help others understand the things they accomplish they accomplish these feats so others will understand that they are better,

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