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Use of Blind Guidance system Zeba Dronacharya College of Enginnering, Gurgaon Taruna Joshi Dronacharya College of Enginnering, Gurgaon Suruchi Dronacharya College of Enginnering, Gurgaon ABSTRACT: A blind person confront a number of visual challenges in his day to day life from reading to figuring out whether they are on right path. According to a study there are approx 21.2 million blind people in US only. Blindness is a state of loss of vision due to psychological or neurological factors. Aim of this paper is to introduce a cost-effective smart cane that alert visually impaired people over obstacles, preventing any possible accidents and help them to communicate through voice alert and vibration so that they do not rely on other people. The main element of this system is IR sensor that will detect any barrier by emitting waves . the waves reflected back by the obstacles in an input to microcontroller , then the microcontroller will determine the distance of the obstacle and select the right direction for blind. The system is cost effective ,easy to use, cheap and safe. This system will be a little help to humankind but as it is said “kindness is the language that the deaf hear and the blind see”. Keywords- IR Sensor, microcontroller, neurological and visually impaired. INTODUCTION: Many…show more content…
The size of the motor is small hence light weight, additionally the noise and the power consumption that the motor produce while using are low. Based on these attribute, the performance of the motor is highly reliable, that makes it suitable for used in any useful and small project. Vibration motor indicates how much the detected body in range is closer to blind in both left and right sides, and when the vibrator works with the left or the front speaker, then it indicates that there is a body in front and left or right according to speaker that was

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