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Greek Mythology has many different interpretations and stories. Some people believe the stories, and some do not. But these stories have been written many many years ago, based on religion and culture. Medusa is one of the creatures from Greek Mythology. Medusa is the creature with snakes for hair, and skin like stone. But not many people know her story, or how she turned to be like that. Her story is very unusual, but very interesting (Marks 1-2). Medusa was once this beautiful girl who everyone was jealous of. She knew she was the most beautiful girl around, and many people would follow her around and act as her servant. Medusa lived with people who adored her. She was known all around for her perfect looks. Her long hair and perfect looking face was known by everyone. Medusa’s name really means, “Sovereign female wisdom” (Mark 1). Some people thought she was too selfish and thought too much about herself. (Hunt 2). Medusa was the daughter of Ceto and Phorcys. She was Athena’s priestess, which is a female priest. Athena is both the goddess of wisdom and the goddess of military victory. She was very jealous of Medusa (Brunel 1). Medusa was once a symbol of purity. A lot of people thought she was perfect and that she would never do anything wrong. Then one day, Poseidon seduced Medusa, and she was no longer pure. When Athena heard about what…show more content…
Also, once the head was cut off, Pegasus, a winged horse, was created. Mythology also says that the blood was taken to help cure diseases, and that Perseus took Medusa’s head, and Athena took her body. The head was used during war because it turned others into stone. Eventually, Athena took back the head and it was said that she placed it in her showcase (Hunt 2-3). Medusa’s head, “as well as being the very symbol of ambiguity, Medusa’s head is also one of the most archaic mythical figures” (Brunel

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