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In the film Gone, we see a guy named Eric talking to his friend called Jimmy. As the film goes we see that Jimmy is not alive, but is dead. We see how each guy feels about the situation and how they are dealing with it. In this film I will be talking about the pros and cons of the camera/lighting, the acting, and the effects and sounds/makeup. The camera angle was good throughout the film, but towards the end of the film we see the director do an over the shoulder angle around Eric. One major deal of this angle was how you could see the year of death on the grave stone. To me the angle could have been better so you wouldn’t see the year on the tombstone. All together the camera angles were goo except for that one area of the film. I feel that if the angles had been better than the effects of the film would look a lot cleaner and neater. Another pro of the film was the lighting. The director could have picked a better place to do the film or a less bright day. In general this was not the major setbacks of the film, but they did need some working on.…show more content…
I saw throughout the film that one actor was more intense and into the film than the other person. The actor who played Eric was very good in portraying the character. He had a lot of emotion and you could tell he knew what he was doing. On the other hand the actor who played Jimmy could have been more into the role of his character. He did do a good job though, but he could have done much better in portraying his character. In conclusion the acting of the two characters were very good, but I feel that if they were both into the characters and their acting then the film would have felt more
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