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The Pros and Cons of Using A VPN We live in a world that unfortunately it does not describe itself as “trustworthy” or even “responsible” there are many dangerous people online like pirates and scammers that try to steal and dispose you off your identity. So what are the measures to be taken to prevent such horrible things from happening? We all know that VPN´s are used daily by big companies, small companies and even normal people like you and me. But do we really know what the risks might be or even so, the benefits of using these type of things? Let’s start with the pros: 1- Better protection The number one goal and the reason VPN´s are mostly used is because of this, we simple get better protection with them. The way they work is as…show more content…
It is so safe that even admins (those who control the company´s network) can’t get hold of anyone trying to disobey the rules; this is mostly because VPN hides your profile and basically removes your identity. 2- Slow speed Internet This one is a game changer for some people; now imagine all the effort your encryption has to do before you are completely invisible to the eyes of the internet. It is a lot of effort, which is why the main complaints about VPN usage are no more and no less than the change of speed in the internet. It is understandable but that doesn´t stop from making it a big problem for some people. 3- Network Complexity VPN is a very complex thing to use and like every complex thing it requires a certain amount of time to set up and to establish. That is why this is a Con, Complexity leads to stress and stress leads to making mistakes, bear in mind this one is mostly done by people as companies have their own professional technicians. Normal people like you and me tend to make mistakes whenever they are under stress which makes it a very low blow not to you, but to your network so it is strongly advised that people have knowledge about VPN before they put it into

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