Prescription Drugs Pros And Cons

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Addiction is an ongoing problem in the united states; people are addicted to many different things. One of those things being prescription drugs. Doctors prescribe drugs to alleviate pain associated with injuries; However, prescription drugs can have a negative effect on people such as addiction, physical independence, and death. In the united states an estimated 20 percent of people have used prescription drugs for a recreational use. There are many different drugs that people get addicted too, such as Vicodin, OxyContin and Percocet’s. All of these have the same chemical that causes people to feel the “high”. What causes the high is the hydrocodone; it gives you a relaxed feeling. Many people don’t realize what they are getting their self into when they start taking prescription drugs weather it be for recreational use or because of pain. There are so many causes and effects of being addicted to prescription drugs. In my opinion the amount of drugs prescribed yearly has a great effect on the reactional use also.…show more content…
Prescription drugs are originally prescribed for pain, but when you take these pain killers it gives you a high feeling that is actually one of the cons. when you get this feeling a certain amount of times it causes you to crave it. I have a personal experience of this high, when I got my wisdom teeth out they put me on Vicodin; I had no tolerance from this drug so even just little doses would do a lot to me. The con of taking this drug is that there is always a possibility that you could be come addicting, in my opinion its all about self
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