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The book Gone Tomorrow has many themes throughout the story. The themes that are represented are heroism, thriller, emotions, and good versus evil. The book Gone Tomorrow was written by Lee Child. This book's main character is Jack Reacher. Jack is a man who stumbles upon a mystery he wasn't supposed to do. As Jack went to finding out the truth, the themes that I chose are being shown throughout the story. The theme good versus evil is shown early on the story. The first quote is this one. “ We'll keep you alive long enough for you to tell us to tell us. And maybe a few hours, for the fun of it.” (Gone Tomorrow, Page 446). This quote shows to me that the villain, whose name is Lila. Lila is the character who is going against Jack and this quote represents evil. Jack is being threatened by her for the information that he has. Lila wants the secret information that Jack has and she'll get any way she can. Another quote that represents good versus evil is this one. “ The taxi driver's belly was open like a zippered hand had been pulled.” ( Gone Tomorrow, 402). This quote…show more content…
The themes that were present were heroism, emotions, good versus evil, and thriller. These quotes that I listed do mention how these themes are shown in the story of the adventure of Jack Reacher going against all odds. Too finding the truth about the mystery of an ex-military soldier and the real face of Lila. All my claims about the themes that I chose are supported by the many articles I mention. The articles I mention are found mostly on one website. The website is called, “ The official Site of Lee Child and Jack Reacher.” There was only one quote that was in an article on a different website. So, in conclusion, the book Gone Tomorrow was an interesting, exciting, enjoyable book. It had mostly every theme anyone could ask for. What else more could you want? It had violence, crime, mystery, and action; the perfect

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