Girl Child Education

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Education is very imperative for every child. Some communities practice discrimination against the education of the girl child. A survey of UNESCO states that 95% of 28.5 Million Children in the under developing nations are deprived of primary school education. In addition, the girl children are vulnerable to rape, sexual abuse, domestic violence and armed conflicts. One girl child raised her voice in UNESCO persuading the world countries to heed her words and appealed to take steps rigorously for improving education opportunities for girls. Malala’s words resounds and reiterates the need for girl child education 1. EDUCATED NEXT GENERATION Educate a woman and enlighten the world goes the saying. Educating a girl is educating a family and…show more content…
PREVENT MATERNAL MORTALITY: Women of the past had less knowledge on child birth and health care. The women of this century with health orientation programmes and health education gain sufficient knowledge on pre-maternity and post-maternity health care and limited child birth. The death rate during pregnancy has come down to a greater extent. Educated women spread awareness on women health care which aids to promote awareness and prenatal medical care, prevent delivery complications and crisis, and total care. 4. REDUCED CHILD MARRIAGE Some communities have the custom of Child marriage involving girls of 6 or 8 –resulting in the concluding the girl’s education opportunities. An analysis reveals that the mothers of these girls are illiterates without adequate livelihood to support their family. A girl completing her primary education has a delayed marriage evidently. Education makes young women to think and marry later when they are self-reliant and prepared for life. 5. POPULATION…show more content…
The world marching in the 21st century ,has challenges – Population explosion. India being a densely populated country has more challenges besides handling this issue. Educated women bear fewer babies. A study in conducted found that literate women had an average of 2 children whereas the illiterate women had an average of four to six children, according to UNESCO. 6. INVOLVEMENT IN POLITICS and MILITANCY Women think faster and act faster. The advantage of having women in various sectors provides multi-faceted progress. Today women play a key role in politics. Effective government resolutions emerge from, women participating actively in discussions, meetings, and decision-making. Women are employed in the army proving their physical attributes matching their counterparts. Educated women are less likely to favour militancy and terrorism compared to men. 7. DOMESTIC & SEXUAL VIOLENCE Retrospection reflects the vulnerability of women to rape and sexual violence. This is a serious issue that requires huge efforts if it has to be controlled using force. The other way to control social horrors would be to educate women, empower them to protect themselves. Teaching them self- defense and familiarize them on support system to be accessed during crisis makes them less likely to be victims of domestic and sexual violence or to tolerate it in their

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