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Raccoon Repellent (discuss many types of natural and store-bought repellents, but explain that they don't work well) When animals such as raccoons, deer, rats, cats, or wild pigs want to break in your garden or property, there are a few animal deterrent methods that really work. Both chemical and natural repellents work rarely but some of them are shown their efficiency. Repellents are chemicals designed to prevent the raccoon from eating a certain food or protecting an area while not permanently harming the animal. There are different raccoon repellants that are homemade and also can be used to keep raccoons away of your property. They should be used carefully and while using them, you should close any openings to your property in order to prevent theaccoons to get in. All windows, vents and loose siding and soffits must be closed. There are various types of repellents available like liquid, granular and electric. Liquid repellents are normally used in outside areas such as on trash bins. For the liquid based repellents usage, it is good to know that they are valid at a heat of 40 deg. Fahrenheit. They should be reused several times. Granular repellents are provided in granules and are used to protect perimeter around certain areas such as raccoon dens,…show more content…
So you can spray it or baste it (with a brush) on any surface you don't want a raccoon to touch. For instance, if the animals often climb a certain area, like a downspout or a fence, you can spray hot pepper oil there. Same for around a garden and open places, etc. The hot pepper can be inserted in a spray mixture with dish detersive to help it stick to plant areas. There are some recommendations for using paper spray pepper, but that's not hot enough in most cases. If you use hot pepper, make sure to exercise caution! Respirator mask and gloves are

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