Early Marriage Case Study

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Many researchers have conducted different studies on early marriage including the prevalence, causes and health consequences of early marriage as well as the strategies that can be used to eradicate the practices. B. Suresh Lal (2015) carried out study on the factors and problems of Child Marriage in India. The researcher considered early marriage as a one of the burning problems of Indian society. In India, despite the amended law that advocates 18 years as the legal minimum age of marriage for females, there is still a substantial proportion of early marriage, that is, every third adolescent girl in the age group of 15-19 years is married and every married adolescent girl has given birth to a child. According to the researcher, the factors…show more content…
The study focuses on identifying and analyzing the major reasons of early marriage in the study area; examining the nature and prevalence of early marriage; identifying the dominant type of early marriage and investigating the link between early marriage and parents’ socio-economic status in the study area. Regarding his findings, the majors reasons for early marriage in the study area were: to get back materials or financial contributions in others’ wedding feasts; to get children married before resource is getting low; to form alliance with marriage families; for honor or prestige; to form marriage alliance with land rich families; unable to cover expenses to educate all children; fear of unwanted pregnancy before marriage; fear of loss of girls’ virginity; to avoid stigma of being unmarriageable; assumption that daughters cannot be as successful as sons in formal education; and lack of job opportunity for daughters. Bogalech Alemu (2006) conducted study on the causes and health consequences of early marriage in Ethiopia. According to the researcher, the reasons for early marriage were: to strengthen relationships; for prestige; difficulty to get married if older; it is a tradition in the area; the family will be victim of gossip; to earn dowry; and to protect virginity and avoid premarital…show more content…
(2015) conducted study on the causes and consequences of Child Marriages in South Asia: Pakistan’s Perspective. The researchers observed early marriage as a one of the practices in South Asian region particularly in Pakistan. Numerous young girls are married in this region in the pretext of cultural, social and religious traditions. As a result, the girls remain disadvantaged educationally, psychologically, physically and economically. The young girls also keep on suffering for whole of their life. According to the researchers, the reasons for early marriage in this area were: preserving traditions; notion of honor; maintaining power control; male domination over female; illiteracy or lack of education; gender discrimination; poverty, that is, shifting the economic burden; and religious

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